What is Septhorhinoplsaty ?

Septorhinoplasty is a modern surgery which is done to give you an aesthetically and a perfectly functioning nose. Here we take utmost priority in giving you the desired shape of your nose which is the suited for your facial profile without compromising on its functionality.

Benefits of Septorhinoplasty:

 Aesthetic:- Deformities like crooked nose, deviated or bent nose, hump nose, poly bear, bulbous deformity, inverted/everted tip, saddle nose, small or large nose disproportionate to the face can be corrected to enhance the facial profile and give you the perfect looking nose.

Functionality :-

People suffering from a blocked nose, difficulity in breathing , frequence cold, not tolerating extreme temparatures, anosmia, breathlennes or exertion, snoring will be evalated throughly. After a thoroughly evaluation, appropriate surgical corrections will be done to enhance the functionality.

Dr. Ravi Ramachandra



Endoscopic Septo Rhinoplasty

This procedure is best suited for people who have minimal nasl deformities. Here in the surgery does not have any scar, and it is a minimal invasive surgery.

Cleft Rhinoplasty

This surgery is the more extensive procedure where in the aesthetic and the functional aspects has to be corrected. This might require multiple surgery to give the perfectly aesthetic and functional nose.

Dr. Srinivas Kunku

M.B.B.S, M.S (ENT)

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Your Dream Nose Now a Reality 

Open Septo Rhinoplasty

This is a surgical procedure is best suited for severe nose deformities, like crooked nose deformities, saddle nose deformities and tip deformitied. In this procedure surgical correctio is entensive and as we have to reach immiscible  areas.

Dr. Veena Yagna


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Dr. Sridhara J


Your nose is pivotal, both to your health as well as your overall appearance. While a crooked  or bulbous nose can negatively affect  your   self-confidence, it can also cause serious breathing problems. a surgery  called  “septorhinoplasty”  is quickly gaining popularity as a procedure that can be used to both fix and reshape your nose.  We as a team of doctors namely Dr. Srinivas K- E.N.T,  Facial Plastic  and Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ravi Ramachandra - Plastic and Rhinoplasty surgeon,  Dr.Veena Y - E.N.T and Rhinoplasty surgeon and allergy Specialist. Specialise in giving you the best care with the over all expertise in  the functional and aesthetic aspects of your nose.

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